The B&O Railroad Museum Roundhouse

When the roundhouse roof of the B&O Railroad Museum collapsed during a snowstorm, I thought, "Well, that's the end of that." Baltimore seems more about closing museums than preserving them, but it was rebuilt, reopening in '05, as good as new.
Like many great old museums, the buildings at the B&O are as historic and interesting as the collection it houses. Be sure and check out the brick work, the floors, and especially, don't forget to look up.
And like many great old museums, the roundhouse may pose some interesting photography obstacles to overcome. The large windows circling the building let in plenty of light, in certain areas and certain times of day. We have found that cloudy, overcast days can be helpful when trying to get pictures there. This makes the museum something of a win-win situation for photography as you can work the roundhouse collection on bad days, the outside collection (which is substantial), on sunny days. Regardless of the weather, you may notice a red cast to your roundhouse photography, it's from the light playing off of the newly installed structural steel.
The museum is usually at its emptiest on weekday afternoons between two and five.

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