Tender is the Light

Blurry Railings?

If your train pictures are coming out with blurry locomotive railings, your shutter speed is too slow. Though a locomotive's handrails are sturdy enough to protect a worker, they do tend to vibrate, even at slow speeds.
Casual/new railroad photographers can fix this by using the shutter-priority* camera mode, which allows you to change the shutter speed, while the camera adjusts all the other settings automatically. Try 1/500 second for starters. If your camera doesn't have a shutter-proiority mode, try sports-mode.
You can always sharpen the thing in Photoshop, but that'll only get you so far before things start to look weird - better to get it right to begin with.

*Shutter priority is often abbreviated as S (with Nikon, Minolta, Konica Minolta, Sony, Olympus, Sigma) or Tv (for "time value" with Canon, Pentax, Leica) on a camera mode dial. (Wikipedia)

Norfolk Southern 8418 in Conrail Blue on the Perryville Wye

MA & PA Railroad: Hyde Station

It used to be called Hyde, then maybe Hyde's, and now Hydes. Some locals insist it's still Hyde, but since there have never been more than a dozen locals to begin with, it will probably remain Hydes. There used to be a little cannery next door, you can read about that here.
We took the top picture, of course, the bottom photo was found by a friend at a junk shop.

Canon EOS 30D & EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 IS lens

A Few From Folkston, Georgia

(Falmanac) ... A few years ago we took a vacation in Folkston, Georgia. Folkston isn't what's traditionally known as a tourist hot spot, but that's changed recently. The reason? Trains. Folkston is the site of the "Folkston Funnel," the place where all CSX trains going into or out of Florida, have to pass; it's quite a parade.
Folkston didn't become a railfan Mecca on its own, it had a little help from the town. For a very small amount of money, the town built a gazebo for rail fans to sit and watch the action. It has chairs, lighting, a picnic table, outhouse, and a scanner built in. Continued